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Our Facilities

Our centre, which is specifically designed for children, is located in Metro City, Matang, Kuching. Our facilities include spacious classrooms and an activity area, a Snoezelen room, a Sensory Integration room, Hydrotherapy room, a Music room, a Toy library, and a dining area dedicated for children.


Activity Rooms

Activity room 3.jpg

Four activity rooms all carefully designed to help in early intervention of your child.

Snoezelen Room

Snoezelen room 1.jpg

A Snoezelen Room or also known as Multi – Sensory Room is used to educate, stimulate, relax, calm or energize as a multi – sensory experience or single sensory focus simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds and textures to the needs of the children at the time of use.

Sensory Integration Room

sensory intergration room 1.jpg

Sensory Integration Room is for a therapy-based intervention which usually do with an occupational therapist or physical therapist. Thus, this sensory integration room is for a children with a sensory processing difficulties, or who have trouble understanding sensory input, include with Autism children.

Consultation Room

Consultation Room.jpg

Is where specialist Doctor diagnose and assess children registered with OSEIC.


Toy Room

toy room 2.jpg

Is a place for us to keep all various type of toys neatly in place.

We can also give the children choice to choose any toys they want to play with.

All toys must be kept clean & safe to play with.

Every toy has its own function in helping to improve the mobility of a child in their Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skill & Cognitive Skills.


Music Room

Music Room.jpg

Music room.


Dining & Pantry

dining & pantry 1.jpg

Dining and pantry.

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